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Ready to give your guests

powerful memories?

I’ll Host

The Best Event

You've Ever Had.

Wanna see eyes go wide in excitement, jaws drop in awe, and eyes teary with laughter?
Well, guess what? I can do it, and I’ve done it before.

After nearly a decade performing for millions of families across the country, I have what it takes to deliver a massive impact right into the heart of your audience.
I’ll make your kids laugh out loud with my zany magic tricks and your guests begging you to arrange a show again!


it works.

STEP 1: Reach out and schedule a call with me where I can listen to find out more about your goals.

STEP 2: Once I've identified exactly what you are looking for, I’ll put together some AMAZING ideas for you to review. Strap in as I get creative!

STEP 3: Decide which options get you the most excited, and I’ll send the booking details to lock this in! Click the button below to get started now. I can't wait to show you what I’ve come up with.

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If you are ready to create powerful memories by having a magician at your next private party, summer camp, or community event or want to raise tons of money at your next fund-raising event, don’t delay. I’m available across Washington, Virginia and New York and my calendar fills quickly, and once a date is filled, it’s gone for good!

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