The best place to find videos and photos of me and my shows would be to follow me on Instagram.

Down below are a few videos that I have gotten permission to share on my website.

Promo Videos

Fund Raiser Show

Alleghany County YMCA Fund Raiser

This was a show we put on to help raise over $6,000 for the YMCA on our first night. We put on magic lessons for local youth and then sold tickets to an awesome show!



Highlights Video

An Upbeat Energetic Display of the Show 

This was one of our many promo videos. This one was shot in 2018 and showed a few of our lesser known peices of the show.



First-Ever Vlog

This was an fairly impromptu vlog showing a day in the life of Chris Michael.

This vlog is very similar to the content posted daily on Chris Michaels Facebook and Instagram stories. Be sure to follow Chris's socials if you aren't already.



Tour Announcement Video

The official announcement of the 2019 Summer tour.

This tour was a smash success with 102 shows taking place in 8 weeks all over the country. The tour broke 2 world records!



Get Excited!

We asked every audience for a month if they were ready for a good show. 

If you want to ignite the room and bring in a true star to get the crowd excited, we got you covered.



Bite-sized Laughs

3 Hilarious peices of the show 

With everything from beat-boxing, volunteer interaction, and pulling a hilarious prank on an audeince member, this show has so much to love.


Let's Have Some Fun!

We can help turn your event into something that people will be dying to talk about. So get your camera's ready, there will be a lot of instagram worthy moments.