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We want your campers to be begging to come back year after year and every program plays a part in this. Chris Michael will inspire, engage, and connect deeply with every single camper in the audience.

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As a camp counselor, getting excited kids to settle down is enough of a pain.
Then there’s the question of activities. And the issue with rowdy campers. And arranging a way for the magician to appear… and disappear.

Hire Chris Mike the magician to entertain your camp over the summer holiday period! We have performed at thousands of camps all around the US for years. We know how to come in, set up, and impress your kids, so you don’t have to worry about any of it. Camp is back in session – we bring the fun!

How can a magician make your summer camp awesome?

Magic shows are perfect for summer camp entertainment Magic shows help children understand the power of cause and effect -- how a magician's sleight of hand can actually make things disappear. Magic is important in helping children develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Magic works on a child's imagination and helps develop decision-making abilities as well as social skills

Magic shows for kids also provide important opportunities to teach children about positive risk-taking behaviors. Since many magic tricks involve audience participation, kids aren't just watching a magic show - they're part of it too! Some have even been known to jump up on stage with their magician host for an interactive adventure that they'll never forget.


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STEP 3: Decide which options get you the most excited and we will send the booking details to lock this in! Click the button below to get started now. We can't wait to show you what we come up with.

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