Great Events Don't Just Happen.

Don't spend all your time and effort planning an event just to have people stare at their phone. Instead, bring your guests together and make powerful memories. Let's have their favorite songs are read out of their minds, rings disappear off their fingers, tables are levitated high in the air, and so much more. 

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Stage Shows

A fun-filled show with magic, comedy, and even beatboxing! Audience members will grow closer as they become the stars of the show during this fast-paced and hilarious journey.

Standard time - 45 Minutes

(Offers 15 to 60 minutes)

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Strolling Magic

Magic performed while mingling with the audience, performing for small groups one at a time without compromising the flow of the event. The informal nature of this type of magic ensures that guests can mingle with each other, enjoy some entertainment or both.

Standard time - 1-2 hours

(Offers 1-6 Hours)

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Have a professional entertain breath life into your event by incorporating tons of energy, engagement, and excitement into your announcements and introductions.

Standard time - Full Event Length

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Chris teaches easy to learn talents that will help develop self-confidence and generate excitement within your guests. All of these workshops leave guests with awesome giveaways and have them feeling like true pros!

Available workshops:

Magic, Balloon Twisting, Beat-boxing

Standard time - 90 minutes

(Offers 30 to 120 minutes)



We have balloon artists and face-painters too!


Balloon Art

Chris's custom balloon artistry is out of this world! Using some of the most exciting and innovative designs, Chris will create absolutely stunning balloon creations in the blink of an eye. During this balloon session, your guests will be thoroughly entertained as interactive balloon building routines unfold.


Face Painting

Adults can receive elegant floral designs, support their favorite sports team, or represent their hometown through cleverly crafted location designs. Children can be painted to look like any character, animal, or style, as well as match their friends. This can be cleverly used to fit your theme!

Exceed your event expectations

Contact us for more info about how we can take your event to the next level. We provide free event consultation to help you get the most out of every piece of your event.

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