Walk-around Magic

Strolling Magic Services

We've all been there:

a party where people were not mingling and laughing.

the business event where everyone stands around sipping beverages with nothing to do.

then there’s the banquet where the speaker puts you to sleep.

and let’s not forget the wedding reception where things were dead while everyone was waiting for the wedding party to return from taking pictures.

That ends here!

My specialty is close-up walk-around entertainment; magic performed while mingling with the audience, performing for small groups. This approach provides active entertainment without compromising the flow of the event since I approach them. The informal nature of this type of magic ensures that guests can mingle with each other, enjoy some entertainment or both. Additionally, this approach maximizes entertainment, audience participation and often leaves them with mind-boggling souvenirs. Because close-up magic doesn't have any special requirements, it works well in any situation where you have a group of people you wish to entertain.

Look how much fun this adds to an event!