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If you are looking forward to seeing some squeaky clean magic, hilarious comedy, and mind-boggling tricks, I can do that for you.  Look, I don’t want to brag about myself. But I’m pretty good at my job. You may have so many options to choose from, but watch me perform once, and you’ll crave more magic and more laughter. The sense of anticipation, the laughs, and the gasps of astonishment that tingle down the spine is all you’re gonna get in my shows. When you need magic in Washington DC, contact me!

Children can be entertained easily by the technology they’re surrounded by. But a smartphone or a tablet can’t pull rabbits out of a hat, make coins disappear, or conjure up any other magic that I can. Let your kids explore the world of my magic, and watch them beg you to call me for their next birthday. I will help show them there is more to life than gadgets. My promise is to give you an event that’ll be unforgettable for everyone. Trust me; my magic shows are fit for any event – birthday parties, Christmas shows, Halloween shows, and fundraising events. Get in touch today to find out more!

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Make your Kids' Birthday Enjoyable!

It’s hard to find a magician for a kids’ party in DC. Tired of listening to a voicemail message trying to explain what you require and with no idea when you can expect a callback or if anyone will return your call at all? If you are looking for a kid’s magician in Washington DC, you have found the right place. My kid-friendly shows are designed to mesmerize the young minds of your kids. Give your kids the best gift for their birthdays by calling me. Don’t worry; they’ll love me because I know how to keep them engaged.

Give your little ones a show they will never forget I have performed all over America. I perform for any age group starting at 12 years old, and you can request which type of show best fits your clients.

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Magic Shows for Summer Camps in Washington

Kids hate summer camps, especially without their friends and electronics. This summer, everything is gonna change with my magic shows in summer camps across washington! This year’s summer camp will be the most exciting time for your kids. My tricks are so interactive and mind-blowing, kids will wait for them every summer. I am a professional magician and ultra-fun entertainer who specializes in captivating young audiences with captivating magic tricks.

As one of the few magicians who can do both close-up magic and big show illusions, I can make any show unique to your needs by working closely.

Camp counselors want the best possible magic show for their kids. Troubled by the uncertainty of finding a good performer at short notice, or even worse, not finding one at all!

Then, of course, there is the price. And all within your lunch hour?. I have performed for weekdays or weekend camps and school holidays. Every single one of them has passed through a complete assessment process. So you can be sure I will make your kids’ summer holiday an unforgettable experience!

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Adult Magic Shows like No One Else

In a world full of magic and wonder, which is more amazing, the trick itself or the man behind the curtains? For years, I have brought wonder and amazement to adult magic shows in Washington DC. With a never-ending collection of comedy magic tricks, including fire and fog and illusions such as levitation and disappearance, I create an unforgettable show that will have your guests wondering what they just saw, even after they have gone home.

Everyone loves to laugh, but most people think adult comedy is for grown-ups only. But what if it’s not as boring as you think? See how I bring my ‘special skills to make your afternoon ‘magical’ with more laughs than you can handle.

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Hilarious, Fun-Filled, And Energy-Packed Magic!

When it comes to entertaining at your special event, I can make you laugh, smile, gasp in amazement, and fall in love with magic all over again! When people watch my shows, they always ask, “How did he do that!?” and exclaim how magnificently I do what I do. Again! I ain’t bragging!

Let me bring the WOW factor to your party! I perform magic shows for kids, teens, or adult audiences. I do parlor magic, close-up illusions, interactive comedy, and various magic effects including vanishing, levitation, mind reading, card tricks, escape routines and more.

Magic Shows That Won’t Break Your Bank

Do you care too much for your budget? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a professional magician who is affordable? I may not be the cheapest magician you find, but damn I am the best at making you go Yeet! You are in double luck here, because I can work things out according to your budget. I am an experienced magician, specializing in close-up, walk-around magic, and entertainment for kids’ birthday parties, family events, and adult magic shows in Washington D.C. So, grab your phone and book a slot before they are all filled!

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What makes Chris the most hired magician?

I have been perfecting my craft ever since I got into magic. I have performed for some of the biggest celebrities and bamboozled them with my mind-blowing tricks. From playing with the minds of your little ones to making you roll on the floor with laughter, I have done it all.

What to expect from a children magic show with Chris?

If anyone thinks that making this mischievous little mobsters sit in one place is impossible, you definitely need to see how I engage every kid with my incredible magic tricks. With my kid-friendly jokes, you’ll see your little ones giggle and laugh all the way till the end of the show.

What makes Chris Mike different?

Because I do things differently. I get people talking. When I pull off a spectacular piece of magic – it’s going to make the headlines wherever I perform. Don’t take my word for it, find out what others say about my work and how it can bring life to your events, and just click the button below…

How can I book a Chris Mike Show?

To book my magic show for any of your event, you can visit my website and fill out the Contact Us form, Give Me a Call or Use the Whatsapp Chat. You can also subscribe my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to have a look at what I do.

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