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Jaw Dropping Magic Shows across NYC

New York is the biggest city in the United States, and there are hundreds of magicians here. The problem is that they all are pretty much the same. It’s tough to tell If they’re…you know, good. Plus, booking one takes forever, making it an extremely confusing and agonizing process.

That’s when I come in! For a riveting evening of incredible magic and tear-jerking comedy, let me host your next event and make it a blast. Hey Everyone! I am Chris Mike, the mentalist, entertainer, and magician in New York who can make everyone go nuts. 

As a true showman, I know how to captivate my audience with a blend of wit, humor, and jaw-dropping miracles. My magic is a hypnotic combination of global styles and electrifying originality, a cutting-edge mish-mash of theatrics, mystery, and old-school showmanship. I know you won’t get it, so give it a try to experience something you’ve never seen before. Book your slot before they all get filled!

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Magic that Makes you Stare!

What good is magic if it fails to stun anybody in the room? I can humblebrag about myself because I am gifted with a charismatic personality and verbosity that can captivate guests of any age. In short, I am freaking awesome! And I prove it every time I perform staggering tricks and cheerful comedy. 

My baffling magic leaves everyone scratching their head days, even months after my magic shows, thinking, “How the hell did he do that?” If you’re looking for something truly magical to get the guests fired up, book today!

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magic shows in new york chris mike

An Unforgettable Memorable Magic Show

Bragging about myself feels weird, but trust me, I can’t help it. Not to mention I am more obsessed with hyping up the party than hyping about myself. This is something I’ll leave for you at the end of the show.

I’ll create humor by violating everything you believe and craft such ambiguity that you’ll find yourself gasping, screaming, and laughing hysterically. “OMG, LOL, and WTF” are just a few of the hundreds of expressions I can generate with every new trick.

There is so much for me to show you guys all across New York, and this is just the beginning. I love entertaining kids at their birthday parties and I love providing laughters to a bunch of friends just looking for a good time. I can’t wait to share more with you guys

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Birthday Party Magic Shows

Kids nowadays are occupied all the time with their gadgets. It is hard to snatch them off their devices and engage them in something else. Clowns are outdated and party entertainers are overrated. So, what to do? Let me help you out for your kid’s next birthday party! I’ll host the perfect birthday party magic show to boost the creativity of young minds. What’s more? Your little brat can learn some of my tricks to show off in his school!

Family Magic Shows in New York

When it comes to entertainment, nothing quite delivers the thrill of a good magic trick. With the mechanical lifestyle, you’ve got little means of entertainment, among which only magic can give you some relief. Let’s bring your family together with unbelievable tricks, incredible interaction, and mind-boggling illusions. Rest assured, my show will be equally entertaining for 6-year-old Sarah as well as her granny, who always forgets her name! I can bring the magic and excitement back to your living room or anywhere else you decide to hold a show. Reserve your slot for any family event, be it Halloween, Christmas, or an intimate family gathering. 

Hilarious Adult Magic Shows

Live a little more by caping off your dull work routine with a magic show! Get ready for extraordinary buffoonery, witty entertainment, and 18+ comedy to take you away from your dreary life.  Grab your drinks, gather all your friends, and I’ll take you on a roller coaster ride. I perform sleight of hand so good you’ll feel like you’ve chugged a bottle of whiskey. When the show is over, you’ll be astounded at how it happened. I love when the guests ask, “Do it again!”

Private Party Magic Shows

I am not one of those magicians who claim to leave you all with a smile on every face. I’ll freak you out, leaving you rolling on the floor with howls of laughter. That’s what makes me different! I’ve been doing it for years, and I can do it again and again. I am a proud private party magician who creates unforgettable experiences for kids and adults alike. I am always booked for one party or another, so make your bookings ASAP!! 

Magic Shows for Community Events in New York

You’ve got a fundraiser, party, or community event coming up. And you need a magical end to your night? I have specialized in creating practical, jaw-dropping, and magical entertainment experiences that are guaranteed to impress your guests. I can electrify your event by making heads hurt in amazement and eyes wide in awe. All you need to do is get in touch and leave the rest to me. Whether you need a stage performance, strolling magic, or close-up magic, your community event is going to be a hit!

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Laughter, Interaction & Breath-Taking Illusions

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Magic is the art of creating and maintaining wonder in one’s audience. Creating a fantastic magic show is more than just taking out a rabbit from the hat. My NYC magic shows are highly interactive and witty. I’ll make you feel like spending your happy hour with a friend even if we’ve met for the first time.

With my mind-melting illusions, I keep the audience guessing what’ll happen next, what’s real, and what’s not. Trust me; I’ll turn your idea of magic on its head. I know how to dazzle everyone with the repertoire of my magic tricks, illusions, and waggish jokes. My exclusive combo of humor and mystifying illusions is guaranteed to entertain your friends and family as I leave you amazed and baffled! I promise there won’t be a magic show like this, anywhere! So, if you are ready to get your mind blown, pick up your phone, book your slot, and wait for me to cast a spell on everyone!


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