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What would your birthday party be without entertainment? Planning the event is one thing; creating a fun and entertaining environment is another! Whether you are planning for your kid’s birthday or a friend’s, I can make it a blast. Hey everyone! I am Chris Mike, an interactive birthday party magician who loves to spark up birthday parties for kids and adults alike. My shows are packed with jaw-dropping magic tricks and hilarious comedy antics. Keep your eyes and ears open for some incredible stuff, and you’ll see everyone go wow!

I’ll develop a jam-packed show tailored to your special day. Hands-on, interactive, and always seeking to make magic fun, I ensure the birthday party will be talked about for years to come. Let me make the party a blast with an interactive magic show crafted equally for kids and grown-ups. I design my shows to meet your needs; whether you want to make your guests laugh or make the birthday kid feel like the star of the night, let me show you how it is done!

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My Magic & Your Birthday

Magic is all about intriguing minds, crazy trickery, and brilliant sleight of hand techniques. Well, guess what? I am a master in all these! So, why don’t we get going on planning your birthday? Want to hear roars of laughter, kids screaming in excitement, and everyone gasping with their mind-boggled? Then, let me get on the stage and bring it on for you. I love to make my audience geek because that’s when I know I have rocked the show. I always have something new up my sleeve. My distinctive personality and matchless humor make me a surefire hit at any birthday bash.

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Birthday Party Magic Shows for all Ages

I can make your special day extra special, whether it’s for kids or adults. My ability to connect with people of all ages has always helped me slay at the party, making me the perfect magician for your birthday party.

I have performed magic for every age group, every audience size, and nearly every situation. I know how to maintain an entertaining repertoire that is appropriate for all. I’ll put on a family-friendly show that’ll keep the young ones and adults entertained alike. I am a true family entertainer, so no matter you are celebrating your child’s birthday or your grandma’s, I’ll spark it up!

What are you waiting for? Let me help you make your next gathering fun and memorable. My magic is interactive and geared for all ages, so no one misses out on the fun! Sit back, relax, and let the show begin!

For Kids

Nothing entertains kids more than witnessing and being a part of super cool magic tricks. My shows are filled with laughter, fun, trickery, and suspense. Give your little ones the time of their life with some interactive humor, incredible super cool magic, and lots of participation!  The kids will surely remember their birthday party for years to come. My shows are an assortment of tricks, jokes, games, and learning for young minds. The shows I perform for birthday parties are generally appropriate for audiences of all ages, including children under 8. In short, I can make your child’s birthday party the best they’ve ever had! 

When you hire me, I promise to entertain and delight the little ones. My show is packed with hilarious antics and amazing illusions, ensuring that the kids are laughing, gasping, and enjoying the whole time.

For Adults

Bring the mystery of magic into your adult birthday party with me! I perform off-the-cuff as well as scripted—whatever suits the moment. Whether you’ve arranged a small get-together or a grand birthday party, I can engage any size of audience. I can bamboozle everyone with hilarious comedy routines, mindreading, and spoon-bending illusions. With a polished comedy style and electric wit, my performance is sure to get everyone laughing and talking about how good it was. The best part is you never know what’s coming next. Your guests will be laughing their hearts out one minute and awed the next.

How We’ll Celebrate your Birthday

You are invited to a show full of magic, laughter, and fun. I’ll bring out your inner child with my playful tricks, astounding illusions, and amusing gags that are guaranteed to delight young and old alike. The birthday boy or girl will be the star of the show in this magical hour.
Prepare to be stunned at the unbelievable feats I have for you! No matter the age, everyone will be enthralled with my fun and interactive performances. Your family will be amazed by my tremendous magic tricks. I’ll create such an appealing birthday party show that every child and adult in the room will be glued to my tricks. The length of my show is perfect –short enough to maintain everyone's attention span, but long enough to put on a real show!
Experience genuine, jaw-dropping magic that makes everyone say...well...nothing cause speechless.

What you can Expect from my Birthday Shows

Family-Friendly Comedy

Expect the unexpected when I am here for your entertainment! I’ll make your guests smile and laugh; giggles leading to uncontrollable laughter guaranteed! My shows are funny, educational, interactive, and fun for both kids and adults. I’ll entertain your guests with a fun comedy magic show that is full of excitement, surprises, and special effects. I love having fun and making people laugh. It’s also like magic, I make something out of nothing, and it makes people happy. I specialize in entertaining children and making them laugh while teaching them to boost their imaginations.  

Mind-Blowing Illusions

You won’t believe your eyes! My one-of-a-kind shows combine amazing sleight of hand magic with sidesplitting comedy that will leave the audience in awe. I am known for performing incredible illusions & tricks because playing with minds is what I love the most. Believe me when I say that everyone will be impressed beyond belief! You’ll hear your guests say, “How is he doing that?” while laughing hysterically. I’ll read minds, sculpt spoons, bend coins, make coins appear from thin air, and make objects move by themselves all while you are on stage with me or even in front of audience members.

Sleight Of Hand Magic

I ain’t bragging, but I am a pro at taking my audience from dead silence to uproarious laughter as they admire my incredible sleight-of-hand skills and mind-reading feats. From coin and card tricks to mind-jumbling illusions, I am here for nonstop enjoyment. I’ll infuse your party with lots of fun and laughter, leaving your guests spellbound and wanting more. As a magician for birthday parties, I am a master in the art of trickery and make magic seem effortless.

High-Energy And Interaction

Audience interaction and participation is something I focus on the most. Rest assured, no one will feel left out because I know how to break the ice within moments. My funny attention-getting style will make everyone howl with laughter, while my tricks encourage audience participation. I use comedy, audience participation, and lots of interaction to make your birthday party an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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Endless Laughter to Remember

With my quick wit and knack for making people laugh, I make sure I have the whole party talking about it for weeks to come. When I am hosting the show, there is no sitting with a straight face. So, fasten up your seat belts while I take you all on a roller coaster ride of laughter, excitement, illusions. Trust me; I’ll have everyone on the edge of their seats, making them ask for more.

I have captivated audiences of all ages with my witty sense of humor, energy, and magic for years now! I perform a variety of fun and interactive magic shows. From hilarious comedy magic to mind reading or a hypnotist show, I will have you and your guests laughing and entertained the entire time. If you are looking for something special for your child’s birthday party, book my show today. I have entertained hundreds of children in live performances. I know how to grab their attention while keeping them entertained and creating wonderful memories.

To create a timeless event, book a slot for your next birthday party, and get ready to witness some real magic!


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