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Come see the newest sensation in entertainment with a magic show you have never experienced before! If you want to enjoy some great time with your friends and feel free from all your responsibilities, arranging a private adult party is the perfect thing to do. To add some extra spice, I’ll be just a call away! So, when you need a real boozy and “Whohoo” party, put your kids to sleep, hide your grandma’s hearing machine, and let my show begin.

Being a headliner adult magician, I promise that my magic shows will blow your mind! Hysterical comedy, jaw-dropping tricks, and “never seen before” illusions are what you’ll get to make your event truly magical. My shows are fun, combining both classic illusions with modern-day comedy. Whether you want a clean magic show or a mixture of magic with 18+ humor, my talent fits all!

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Close-Up Adult Magic Show

Are you tired of watching the same kiddy tricks at your children’s birthday parties? Well, Grab your drink and get set for some real fun! My adult comedy and sleight of hand tricks are the perfect combinations of quick wit and deadpan delivery. I bet your friends will be like, “where is it coming from?” with their uncontrollable laughter.

Anyone who believes that adults can never have too much magic in their lives must watch me play with your minds. Watch me perform close-up and personal magic tricks for your birthdays, bachelor’s parties, and many more occasions to be stunned!

Trust me; I’ll dazzle your audience by creating a great intimate show for all your friend. So, reserve your slot and get ready to enjoy a show that you’ll never forget.

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Hilarious Adult Comedy with the Show

You need more laughter in your life, and I can bring back the joy that you are missing. I am hilarious, and I know it. My sense of humor can have your guests shooting drinks out of their noses. Through my combined magic and comical tricks, I’ll have you in stitches, but not like those awkward moments after your 3rd glass of wine! You’ll laugh, scream, and look forward to more fun to come.

No matter if you want to bring back the spark in your relationship or need a break from everything else, I can help you work through it. Go from complete boredom in your relationship to wild-and-crazy dates again by attending my magic shows. I am your shortcut to great magic at home and with friends. Call me once, and I’ll become the ‘go-to entertainer’ at all of your social gatherings!

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Available for all Adult Parties

Are you yearning for a new and exciting kind of entertainment tailor-made for your crowd to laugh and gasp at? Guess what? Booking my adult magic show is a guaranteed thing to make your party go with a bang!
Experience genuine, jaw-dropping magic that makes everyone say “Incredible.” I am the adult magician who will bring the awe-inspiring magic show to your venue for every party!

  • Friends get-togethers
  • Bachelor’s party
  • Birthday party
  • Superbowl Sunday
  • Baby/bridal showers 
  • BBQ nights
  • Campfire
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I'll Make This a Show to Remember

With all the options for entertainment available today, finding a special event that ends up being a flop is the last thing you want. Come spend an evening with me and let me show you what real magic is like. My magic shows are high-energy, interactive, and geared exclusively towards a mature audience.

I am here to bring hilarious and exciting adult magic shows to your events for some extra spice. Clean or raunchy; you choose, and I’ll be on my way to make your guests rolling with laughter. My comedy and magic tricks are so engaging that no one ever asks me to stop. I always hear “another trick,” “another joke,” and things like that!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s keep the magic alive and create memories for you and your guest that will last a lifetime! Book your slot today, and get ready to get electrified!


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